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Main administrator for CarXP auctions is DSM international nv-sa. This company organises the transports from the confirmed cars to the storage place in B-8890 Dadizele, Belgium if there are not any other transport agreements made. CarXP users who are located in a maximum 200km radius from B-8890 Dadizele can apply for FREE transportation of the confirmed cars.

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We work also together with transport partners who pick up cars from B-8890 Dadizele to transport them to our clients abroad. Transportcompanies Europe
Агенство КоммуникэйшеН-М (Минск) +375296930500 - Артур
Фирма “Мир транспорта” (Минск) +375296167772 - Евгений
Фирма "Евроавтоуслуги" тел/факс: +375175069339 Мобильный: +375296269301 +375295518560 Email: evroavtouslugi@tut.by
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